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Top things to sell your property for a good price!

Top things to sell your property for a good price!

Price – everyone is talking about price. As I have said many times before, lowering the price is the easiest way to fix problems with the home. However, it will always hurt you, the vendor, to lower the  price and let’s remember that the purpose of property is to live in or make money!

So what can we do to keep the price up?

Firstly, here is a simple acronym that I use when I walk into a property.


What are the first things that I see? Clean? Tidy? Big? Cozy? Unkept? Repairs?  


What can I smell? If it is bad, the price just went down substantially.


How light is the area? Big light spaces are worth more. Small smelly caves are worth much less. Just changing globes and de-cluttering can help a lot. Replace (or at least open heavy curtains).


How does it ‘feel’? The design affects the interaction with the room. Can we change something?

In order of importance, these are the best things to do.

Front Garden; this IS the first impression of the home. If this is not ‘A’ class then sometimes people won’t even go in. Think great lawn, pots and trimmed plants, clean driveway, good letterbox.

Exterior Paint; Does the home ‘look’ like it is well looked after? A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to make a tired home look fresh and new.  Don’t be afraid to add a trim colour.  Just make sure you check it out with what is in style.

Light, neutral colours inside; This is the easiest fix to get the widest range of people to like (or at least accept) the house. Just because you love dark forest green walls doesn’t mean that 100% of people like dark green walls. 100% of people do like neutral. Or at least can live with it.

Deep clean the WHOLE house; Carpets, walls, roof and floors. Make sure that there is NO dirt, mould or grime inside or outside.  N.B. Bathroom, laundry and kitchen tiles.  Make them shine!

De-clutter; It is best to ask advice on this simply because you won’t remove enough things. You basically need to remove around ½ to ⅔ of ‘stuff’ from the home.  Yes I actually said ½ to ⅔ of your stuff needs to go.  If you need help with this call us and we can advise.

De-personalise; People need to see themselves as the owner of your home. Studies have shown that extensive pictures of your family etc, remind a buyer that this is ‘your home’ and not theirs. This makes them feel like they are intruding.

Humanise; Add the nice touches like flowers and plants inside. You don’t have to go crazy, just add a little nature to soften the building.

And that’s it. Simple really 😉 We just added major value to the home.


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