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Bushfire Season is Approaching, Be Prepared

Bushfire Season is Approaching, Be Prepared

Many of the properties we sell and manage are located in high fire danger areas. We have prepared this guide to assist you in preparing for the upcoming bushfire season to protect yourself and the property.

The first and most important thing to remember is…

If you are told to evacuate, evacuate, your life is more important than the property.

To Protect the Property

  • Remove any flammable items, such as firewood and garden furniture from close proximity to the house.
  • Mow your grass regularly, keep it short.
  • Clear fuel such as leaves, grass clippings and other flammable green waste regularly.
  • If the gutters haven’t been cleaned out recently and are full, call your property manager so we can arrange them to be cleaned.
  • Remove any piles of recyclable materials or other rubbish from the property.
  • Ensure you have a garden house that can reach the perimeter of the property.

To Protect Yourself and Your Family

  • Make sure everyone knows where the community evacuation point is.
  • Ensure you have a plan and everyone knows and understand the plan in the event of a bushfire.
  • If you have pets, ensure they are included in your plan.

During a Bushfire

  • Stay calm.
  • Don’t enter the bush if smoke or fire is in the area.
  • Check if elderly neighbours need assistance.
  • Patrol the outside of your home, putting out any embers and spot fires that may start.
  • Close all windows, doors and shutters.
  • If possible, block your downpipes (a sock full of sand/soil will help) and fill roof gutters with water.
  • If possible, block gaps beneath doors with wet blankets or towels
  • Collect water in buckets/bath.
  • Consider keeping valuables items and documents in a fire resistant safe or metal cabinet, or have them packed and ready to go.
  • Comply with police if ordered to evacuate.
  • Bring your garden hose inside so that it won’t melt in the fire and can still be used.
  • Wet down timber decks and gardens close to the house if the fire is approaching.
  • Do not stand on your roof with your hose. People have been injured by falling from roofs in the past.
  • Keep ladders, shovels and metal buckets at hand to help put out spot fires.
  • Keep a torch and a portable battery operated radio in the home in case electricity supply fails.
  • Drink plenty of water so you do not dehydrate.
  • Move any fire fighting equipment to a place that it will not get burnt.

The CFA run fire ready information sessions to educate and ensure you are ready for the bushfire season. The dates and locations for these meetings can be found on their website as well as an abundance of other information relating to bushfire safety.


If we can assist you with any further information or if you have questions about the information provided, feel free to contact Savoy Real Estate on 1300 328 848.

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