How To Pick A Real Estate Agent

How To Pick A Real Estate Agent

One of the questions I get asked quite a lot by friends is, “How do I pick a real estate agent?  Now obviously they are friends who live a long way out of my area 🙂 or else they would be hiring me!

But here is the answer I give them.

You need to look for several main attributes.

  1. Can you get along with them?  If you don’t like them, do NOT hire them.  If they can’t make a good impression when they meet you.  How will they fare when meeting potential buyers.  Remember – you can’t do a good deal with a bad guy!
  2. Area Knowledge.  Each area has its own group of attributes that makes it special.  Knowing these things help the agent when communicating with the buyer.  You want to know where the new freeway is going or when the new shopping centre is open.  Understanding the schools and professionals in the area is a great help as well.
  3. Experience.  This is one of the most OVER-RATED items in real estate.  Everyone is yelling how much experience they have.  The real question is how much DIFFERENT experience someone has.  Most salespeople have one year of experience that they have repeated 20 times.  This is a well practiced year.  It is not 20 years experience.  In my opinion it is better to deal with agents that have come from other areas but still know what they need to know.
  4. Enthusiasm.  I personally feel that enthusiasm is far more important than experience.  I am not saying that experience should be discounted, as it is necessary but I am saying that where as you can sometimes avoid obstacles with experience you will tend to mow them down with enthusiasm.  People love enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is what lights up the sale.
  5. FRANKness.  This is where we tell you exactly what you need to hear.  If you need work done on the house we will tell you.  If you need to fix something or tidy the garden, again we will tell you.  We want you to have all the knowledge you need to prepare for the sale.
  6. Honesty.  I have put this last purposely.  It is last because without Honesty you will be always wondering if you are being looked after.  In truth, the whole project of selling your home will be painful if the agent can’t be honest with you.  Honesty is telling you the absolute truth, not part of the truth or leaving things out.  I mean all of the truth.  I believe you need that to know where you stand.  My mother taught me that it is best to always be honest, even when it hurts.


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