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Take the stress out of moving home

Foxie provide an easy to use service that helps you find suppliers in your area and arrange them all in one spot. Assisting with electricity, gas, water, internet, phone and so much more, Foxie are your one stop shop to making moving home a breeze!

Get You Connected

With Foxie, you have a range of choices of retailers. They understand that having choices available is important to ensure you are not restricted to a supplier that may not meet your needs, so they’ve put together a convenient suite of products they believe are great value.


It doesn’t cost a cent for you to arrange your utilities with Foxie – only pay connection fees you would normally pay to the supplier.

Quick & Easy

Avoid spending hours on the phone in endless call queues with suppliers when we can do it all in a single call.


Foxie work with some of Australia’s leading utility suppliers and offer great products and deals.

No Obligation Service

With Foxie, there is absolutely no obligation. You can connect as many or as few utility services as you need.

Service Confirmation

Foxie make sure that all of your utility services are connected on time and as planned. So what are you waiting for? To get started, contact your property manager and we can arrange it for you. Even if you aren’t a client and would like to use this service, feel free to contact us and we will assist.

Sort out your move with Foxie

Visit Foxie’s website by clicking the link below and have them call you to arrange your utility connections for your move: