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Autumn and Real Estate

Autumn and Real Estate

Australia is a strange land.  In literature we often read about the changing of seasons that takes place in the northern hemisphere and how each season is quite dramatically defined.  In Australia our seasons just slowly change from one into the next, often without so much as defining day.  As we pass from Summer to Autumn this year, we won’t see whole suburbs awash with copper brown leaves or, as we move into the winter months, will we see snow in Flinders Street or filling our front yards.  No, our seasons tend to blend into each other with the same laid back nonchalance that we ourselves often bring to this life.

I do however love autumn. I love the stillness of this time of year.  I love the way our hotter days are receding and being replaced by cooler and sometimes wetter ones.  I actually appreciate rain at this time of year even though I know that by August I will be well sick of it.  I love digging through the storage boxes to find my favourite long sleeve top or a jacket that is more like a friend than a piece of clothing.  I love my Ugg Boots to scuff around home in and eating out at restaurants wearing more than a pair of shorts and a shirt.  As we head toward Easter holidays the weather is changing and heralding the winter ahead.

Over the coming few months we in Real Estate head into a less frenzied time.  The summer months of changing houses to align with holidays or school terms are over and a more sincere, settled pace becomes the norm.  Personally I like this time to sell a home.  It’s mild not hot.  It is still dry most of the time and people spend longer looking.

If you are thinking about a shift, now is a great time.  There are good homes on the market to buy and plenty of buyers around to purchase yours.  If your home is a little special, a little different from the normal and requires more time to show, this is the best time of year for that.


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